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WHAM apparel is back for a limited time. Three styles and lots of colours to choose from. Orders will only be taken until October 29, 2015. Don’t miss out, order yours today!!!

Options include: Hoodies, Long-sleeve shirts and t-shirts.

long sleevet-shirthoodie
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All members are encouraged to review the new WHAM Standard Operating Procedure.
The west pit is
ONLY to be used when the field is dry. And access to the west pit is ONLY around the SOUTH side of the field as pointed out in the WHAM S.O.P.

Vehicles should not be driven on any of the grass this early in the spring. This includes the portion of the pit parking area that is grass. The ground is far too soft. All vehicles must remain on the gravel road and parking area for the near future.

We have seen tracks and ruts created by a vehicle already this year going to the west pit along the north side of the field. It is far too soon to be driving on any of the grass and the north side of the field is restricted from vehicle use at
ANY time.