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Latest News:
(Oct. 24, 2014)
Next WHAM Meeting!

The next WHAM meeting is scheduled for Saturday November 1, 2014 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.
It will be a breakfast meeting located at the
Smitty's Westwood Restaurant. (477 Westwood Drive)
Weather permitting, the meeting will be followed by a fall grass seeding work party at the field at around 12:00 pm.
Volunteers are needed to help. If you can, please bring a rake to help break up the soil for the seed.
(Meeting and work party have also been posted on our Facebook page)

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(Sept. 17, 2014)
Message from our Field Chief!

Looks like someone accessed the West pits by going around the North end of the field. With all the water we have had they drove right through it and made some really nice ruts where the East/West runway would run. Landing long into the West could end very badly.

Remember the West pit access is around the South end along the ditch. Also the West pit is
only open when the field is dry and this summer has been very wet so if not sure pit on the East side. Also should you make a mistake trying to access the west pits when to wet leaving ruts around the South end along the ditch would be the best place. Also please park along the ditch on the West side and stay as close to the ditch as you can when turning around. No need to go any farther then half way on the fabric runway as you can see in the picture it gets wet farther North. The field is still very soft since it was tilled farmland up until a few years ago and ruts even when dry.

Wham is a volunteer driven club and volunteers spend their time and in some cases their own money in helping the club and it's members. Showing respect for the field is in the best interest of all members.


Please refer to the
WHAM West Pit Procedure for more information.

(Sept. 16, 2014)
2015 Membership Dues!

The 2015 WHAM membership form is now available. Anyone that joins WHAM now will be able to fly for the remainder of 2014 and next year.

WHAM is a MAAC charter member therefore everyone that wishes to fly at our field
MUST have a valid MAAC membership as well.
If you are a guest and wish to try out our field before you decide you want to join, you are welcome to fly as long a WHAM member is present and you have a valid MAAC or AMA membership.
Please don't delay renewing your membership as the dues we collect are needed to further develop and maintain our field.

Our membership form can be downloaded
here. You can fill out the form and mail a cheque to the address on top of the form. If you would like to pay via PayPal you can do so here. Please note, an actual PayPal account is not necessary, there is however a $5.00 service fee added to cover the PayPal fees.